Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gunabalan Writes: These are troubling times.

Gunabalan Writes:          

These are troubling times.
Not just here in Malaysia but around the world. Economically, Politically, Culturally & Socially the people in the world seems to be at odds both ideologically and spiritually with each other.  

In our case, We seem to be a nation adrift without steering and at a loss as a people these past decades.

 Those that can see the direction they think the nation is heading towards are up in arms against those who think all is well and nothing is wrong.

 Both groups seems to want the same results which is a better future for themselves and their kith and kin, but cannot agree on which road will lead them there.    
"Cogito ergo sum" (I think therefore I am)-  said Descartes in his book Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences, published in 1637, as a prelude to explain the absurdity that he saw in the French Society of his times.

Using rationality as the precursor to analytics and premeditating on the troubles on his society then, a distinct similarity in events unfolding then and here in Malaysia now can be ascertained.      
The troubles beguiling societies have always been that the FEW planned and Thought for the Many..... as Thinking for oneself seemed too difficult for the masses.

So, in theory most people lived by reciting the Dogma of both Leadership and Society ie Live, Work, & Obey in that order, for a good life.      
But these rules rely on concept of a Good Leadership, Caring Society and Morally upright Individuals who become models of Behaviour for that society to follow.

When any of these changes, those rules and their rationality becomes skewered.

 Existentialism philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre outlined his philosophy on how to find meaning in your life,
in 4 easy steps:

Existence precedes essence

Know that you exist first as a ‘blank’, without essence.

You do not possess any inherent identity or value.

You are an individual, capable of independent acting and responsibility.

Through your consciousness, you create your own values, and determine a meaning for your life.            
The World View:

that there is no inherent meaning in the world.

The world is amoral, unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of whatever.

That is why you find many things in the world befuddlingly absurd.    
It’s for you to give the world meaning.      
As such, taking the management view of these troubling days here in essence is the source of our present day concerns---

In essence the clash between cultures and people we are seeing today in our society originated from the difference in wants and fear between the different religious and liberal groups and their world view.      
One group allows their Political & Religious Leaders to think for them and the other group prefers to dwell on the own Thinking Ability.

 As a group and people, We in this society need to ascertain their motives in diverting us from the notion that we ALL deserve a better life and cherished Future.


Anything short of those Goals should not be entertained or discussed.

Simply because these are the incendiary episodes that divide a nation and its people.

A Nation divided is a nation in loss.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Indian Cultural Showcase @Hard Rock Cafe MELAKA

Come Hurry! Tickets are selling fast now. 
Come and experience a selection of classical dance and performances at Hard Rock Cafe Melaka on this coming 18th November 2016 from 7.30pm onwards. Tickets are available now at Rock Shop and priced at RM50.00nett per person inclusive 1 round of FREE beer or soft drinks.

Don't miss this out and call us today for more information at:- 
+606-292 5188

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mee rebus, Mee goreng (halal) di Jalan Temenggung, berdekatan pasar Bukit Cina

Salah satu makanan warong popular dalam tradisi makanan gemaran Melaka yang ramai minati. 

Recommended Mee rebus, Mee goreng (halal) di Jalan Temenggung, berdekatan pasar Bukit Cina.

Asal-usul mi rebus tidak jelas sehingga hari ini kerana terdapat banyak tuntutan yang berbeza yang dibuat oleh pelbagai sumber.
Ada yang mendakwa bahawa hidangan ini datang dari indonesia kerana persamaan yang berkaitan dengan satu lagi hidangan dipanggil mee jawa  yang didapati di negara itu.

Walau bagaimanapun, masyarakat  kita telah menerima pakai mi rebus sebagai masakan hidangan tempatan di Malaysia dan suatu makanan enak yang disukai ramai sejak berzaman lagi.

Dan semenjak itu juga, banyak variasi mi rebus telah dicipta untuk kami nikmati. Warong di jalan temenggung ,Bukit Cina ini bukan sahaja menepati cita rasa Mee Rebus yang enak tetapi unik kerana ianya masih mengguna pakai warong jenis era '50an ini.

Guangzhou-Malacca direct flight to increase 3 million Chinese tourists.

The Malacca state government aims to increase three million tourists from China via a direct flight from Guangzhou to Malacca starting Sept 29, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron.

"The tourism sector has been showing positive growth every year, it recorded the arrival of 15.7 million tourists in 2015, an increase of 
4.7 percent compared with 15 million the previous year.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Equatorial Hotel ,Melaka promotions

Live Jazz Sunday Brunch

Resthouse Café
2 October 2016 onwards
From 2nd October onwards, local Swing Jazz artist, Nadia performs live over Sunday brunch. Swing by for some great tunes over a satisfying meal.
Available: Sundays, 12.00pm – 3.00pm
Price: RM68 nett per adult, RM34 nett per child, complimentary buffet for children below 4 years old
Offer: For every 10 paying customers in one single group, the 11th eats for FREE.
Deep Blue Seafood Night
Resthouse Café
1 September – 31 October 2016
Get the freshest seafood at our Deep Blue Seafood Night. Our extensive spread of seafood will certainly satisfy palates of seafood lovers.
Available: Saturdays, 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Price: RM68 nett per adult, RM34 nett per child, complimentary buffet for children below 4 years old
Offer: For every 8 paying customers in one single group, the 9th eats for FREE


Seri Nyonya Peranakan Restaurant
The otak-otak dish is a must-try when indulging in traditional Peranakan cuisine. A delicacy that is made of minced fish fillet, coconut cream, spices and kerisik (grated coconut). The ingredients are mixed, marinated and wrapped in banana leaves, then, grilled over a low fire until it is cooked.
Available: Daily, lunch and dinner
Price: RM7 nett per portion

Jamuan Makan Bersama TYT Melaka

Giant Burger di Masjid Tanah, Melaka

MASJID TANAH - Kepada penggemar burger bakar, korang kena cuba Burger Bakar Masjid Tanah. Kalau nak Giant Burger 1.5kg sebesar pinggan pun hado, boleh la share reramai! 

Lepas tu, kalau korang ada majlis keraian besday ke, bertunang ke, kahwin sekalipun, kalau nak kelainan boleh tempah Burger Warna Warni atau Kek Burger Bertingkat! 

Berapa tingkat nak boleh adjust ikut budget. Booking awal2. Memang orang akan ingatlah majlis korang!

Burger Bakar Masjid Tanah
Lokasi: Gerai No.1 Bukit Beringin , 78300 Masjid Tanah Melaka
Operasi: Isnin - Sabtu 5pm - 12am
Hubungi: Mohd Hairi Hussin 013-6113577 atau 017-3157808

Thursday, September 22, 2016

4 hours of free flow at Grea8 THE PINES MELAKA

Melaka Chetti Cultural Festival on 1st OCT. 2016

The Shore Hotel & Residences promo

Explore Melaka town in a convenient way

Explore Melaka town in a convenient way 
Easy way in Connecting commercial areas to local community where accessibility and parking are limited. Let's explore Melaka City with bike share. It's easy, convenience and definitely fun! 

Choose #MelakaBikeShare while you are in Melaka town from the 3 station :
1. Dutch Square Station
2. A'Famosa Station
3. Parameswara Station (Nearby Hotel Equatorial Melaka )
How to use? :
1. Sign up online via
2. Select your desired plan
3. Enter debit or credit card information
4. U will receive USER Code to unlock the bike
5. DONE!
Credit : FB Public Bike

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Prologue: Some History Is Required some times

one needs to learn History not because it highlights the life and times of previous winners and losers but because it gives us a glimpse of what happened when things were not smooth going. Today, yet again, many things are not smooth going in the world at large. We seem to be entering into a world of uncertainty- for want of a better word.

In the early 40’s here in(then) Malaya, many  local malayans were caught unawares when the world at large started going to war but in those early days of WW2 they were at first happy, because  the war increased demand for Rubber and Tin and it meant higher prices for all commodities. There was a mini boom time here in the peninsula.

This happiness was short lived however as in a matter of a few years later (between  1940-1943) the japs landed in Malaya and the unthinkable happen…the British overlords ran away with their tails tucked between their legs.

Even then, some were still happy because they were lead to believe that the Japanese came to free Malayans from the grip of the orang putih. (years later some of these poor mislead souls were named tali barut jepun-a severe curse on them and their families)

Thus it was that because of ideology and politics, the simple citizens of Malaya fell victim to imperialistic Japanese Army Overlords.  The Japs first job was to take over the administration of Malaya and seize the assets of the state.

Next,the citizens were conned and later forced into exchanging their Straits Dollar and golds, silver for worthless Banana Dollars and promissory notes printed by the Japanese war office. Many had their houses and property confiscated in the name of the Japanese Emperor.

Needless to say, the simple but safe and secure life these people knew came to an abrupt end simply because they had no idea what the hell was happening outside their own safe estates,town and villages.
An entire generation of humans suffered and lost because of politics and ideology and because…. most people did not understand what was going on around them, nor were they bothered to find out.

This was the result of the British overlord’s 200 year old rule of “Don’t do as I do but do as I tell you ”.
Fast forward 71 years later, things have not seem to have changed much. Today the new overlords of the Malaysian people are those we call the” Moneyed People”. Theirs is the world of spread sheets and balance records within the hallowed corridors of mansion like opulent offices in the sky.

The reality of all this is that the developed world, (and recently China), have been stoking growth with debt, and have been doing so for a very long time. As practically everybody can quickly work out, increasing your debts at 2x the rate of your income eventually puts you in the poor house.

But somehow, this math escaped the economists and policy makers as a problem.
Well, turns out it is. And it’s now knocking loudly on the world’s door. The deflation monster has arrived. And now, even in this new  world of Finance, the earth is shattering under their feet as today, most central bank policy makers, investors, and analysts around the world today are gripped by the worry of declining growth rates, dwindling international commodity prices, high unemployment, and other macroeconomic figures.

Previously, not many have given much consideration to this one economic factor that has the potential to disrupt global economies, shut down economic activities, and become a catalyst for a worldwide depression. 

The very same effect our Malayan fore fathers experienced after the British left in early 50’s.

We are talking about 'deflation' that if not tamed, could bring global economies to their knees creating a worldwide chaos never seen before in scale or length. Deflation is a state of economics when prices drop or rather, expectations of prices going down come into vogue.

So what does that translate into?

Firstly, consumption. Consumer expenditure drops as consumers buy and consume hand to mouth. All expenses become capped as people see saving as a better means to appreciate value vs buying a car or house. When someone expects prices to drop, they don't buy. Everyone keeps on waiting for prices to keep dropping. This robs the economy of demand.

Less demand leads to less production, and lesser growth.  This effect pans out over the longer term….where national savings rate increases but retail consumption decreases...a very good example is Japan where household savings are the highest in the developed world.

In the short term, deflation raises real costs to do business by raising real interest rates. If a firm borrows at say 10% in a deflationary economy, say deflation is 2%...the real interest turns out to be 12%. This is a huge number, when expecting lesser demand. Hence firms defer investment, leading to lesser production, lesser jobs etc. Thus in the short term, deflation crowds out private investment.

The clear and present danger today is that very soon Europe will turn the Japanese way: that is, it will slip inexorably into deflation, that by the time the central bankers finally decide to loosen up it will be too late. 

The domino effect then takes place..with the US, China and the rest of the world following suit soon after.

What this means to the lay man is that his sweat and tears in collecting a safe pension for him and his plans for the safety and future of his family would be disrupted by forces outside of the laymen’s control i.e. currency devaluationlow interest rates , raging inflation in food prices and high deflationary actions in asset prices.

Did you know this?

Monday, September 5, 2016


Seseorang itu perlu belajar Sejarah bukan hanya kerana ia menonjolkan kehidupan dan masa kemenangan dan kekalahan insan-insaniah sebelum ini tetapi kerana ia memberikan kita gambaran tentang apa yang berlaku apabila sesuatu tidak lancar berterusan.

Hari ini, sekali lagi, banyak perkara yang tidak lancar dalam dunia amnya. Kita seolah-olah memasuki ke dalam dunia ketidakpastian - (kerana ketiadaan perkataan yang lebih baik).

Pada awal tahun 40-an di sini di (ketika itu) Malaya, ramai rakyat Malaya tempatan telah terperangkap secara mengejut apabila dunia amnya mula diwar-warkan berperang tetapi pada hari-hari awal WW2 ramai  yang pada mulanya gembira kerana dengan perang, peningkatan permintaan bagi getah dan timah melonjak dan ia bermakna harga yang lebih tinggi untuk semua komoditi semasa.

Malaya mengalami  masa ledakan ekonomi mini di sini di Semenanjung Malaya.

Kebahagiaan ini tidak bertahan bagaimanapun,kerna  hidup menjadi sengsara dalam masa beberapa tahun kemudian (antara 1942-1945). Orang Jepun mendarat di Malaya dan yang tidak pernah terfikir berlaku ... Tuan British yang memerintah Malaya selama 200 tahun sebelumnya  melarikan diri lintang pukang dengan ekor mereka diletak di antara kaki mereka.

Namun begitu, ada yang masih gembira kerana mereka  percaya bahawa Jepun datang untuk membebaskan Tanah Melayu daripada cengkaman orang putih. (Beberapa bulan selepas pemergian Jepun dari Tanah Melayu ramai tali Barut Jepun semuanya diseksa dan dibunuh di tengah jalan- Di Melaka, ramai  tali barut yang ditangkap, di sarung dalam sangkar babi dan di tetak di padang bola Malacca High School di khalayak ramai…..kutukan yang teruk masyarakat Malaya ke atas mereka dan keluarga mereka)

Oleh itu,boleh dikatakan, hanya kerana ideologi dan politik perang, rakyat madah Malaya menjadi mangsa kepada imperialis Tentera Jepang.  Masa itu, kerja utama militari jepang adalah untuk mengambil alih pentadbiran Tanah Melayu dan menyita aset negeri ini untuk kegunaan perang mereka .

Seterusnya, rakyat telah ditipu dan kemudian dipaksa bertukar---tukar Straits Dollar dan emas mereka, perak mereka kepada  Dolar Banana tidak bernilai dan nota janji hutang yang dicetak oleh pejabat perang Jepun. Ramai yang tiba-tiba,rumah-rumah dan harta benda mereka dirampas atas nama Maharaja Jepun.

Tidak perlu dikatakan, kehidupan yang mudah tetapi selamat dan keselesaan ,keselamatan yang orang-orang ini kenal selama itu, berakhir mendadak semata-mata kerana mereka tidak tahu apa neraka yang sedang berlaku  di luar sana dan bakal melanda mereka dalam ladang-ladang yang dijangka selamat, bandar dan kampung-kampung mereka.

Dua generasi manusia menderita, maut dan hilang pedoman hidup kerana politik dan ideologi dan kerana .... kebanyakan orang tidak faham apa yang berlaku di sekeliling mereka, dan mereka juga tidak peduli untuk mengetahui.

Ini adalah hasil daripada peraturan selama 200 tahun tuan British iaitu "Jangan buat seperti yang saya lakukan tetapi lakukan seperti yang saya memberitahu anda".

Menyorot kehadapan 71 tahun kemudian, perkara  seolah-olah tidak banyak  yang berubah. 

Hari ini tuan baru rakyat Malaysia adalah mereka yang kita panggil "ORANG BERADA". Merekalah yang empunya dunia lembaran KEWANGAN dan teknologi KEWANGAN   dalam koridor keramat  kuasa .

Realiti semua ini adalah bahawa dunia maju hari ini, (dan baru-baru ini China), telah mencetuskan pertumbuhan mereka semuanya dengan berhutang, dan telah berbuat demikian untuk satu jangka masa yang sangat lama. Janji manis mereka ialah semua orang dengan cepat boleh hidup senang,  Cuma perlu meningkatkan hutang mereka pada 2x kadar pendapatan mereka yang pada akhirnya akan meletakkan  mereka-mereka ini seumur hidop mereka di rumah miskin kerna senantiasa membuat bayaran ansuran.

Tetapi entah bagaimana, matematik ini tidak disangkal ahli-ahli ekonomi dan penggubal dasar  negara.  Mereka tidak melihatnya sebagai sebagai satu masalah. Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya berhutang menjadi lumrah hidup moden kita senegara.

Nah,  kini  hanya selepas 2-3 dekad ternyata sistem ini memudaratkan umat dan negara. Dan ia kini bukan sahaja mengetuk dengan kuat di pintu rumah kita sahaja malah juga di pintu dunia.

Raksasa deflasi telah tiba. Dan kini, walaupun dalam dunia baru yang berpaksikan kewangan ini, bumi akan roboh di bawah kaki mereka, kebanyakan pembuat dasar bank pusat, pelabur, dan penganalisis di seluruh dunia hari ini hanya dicengkam dengan kebimbangan kadar pertumbuhan yang semakin menurun, semakin berkurangan harga komoditi antarabangsa, pengangguran yang tinggi, dan angka-angka ekonomi makro lain.

Selama ini, tidak ramai telah memberikan pertimbangan kepada satu faktor ekonomi ini yang mempunyai potensi untuk mengganggu ekonomi global, menutup aktiviti ekonomi, dan menjadi pemangkin kepada kemurungan di seluruh dunia. (kesan yang sama rakyat lampau Malaya alami selepas British keluar dari semenanjung  pada awal 50-an).

Kita bercakap tentang 'deflasi' yang jika tidak dijinakkan, boleh membawa ekonomi  Malaysia ke paras lutut kita, mewujudkan keadaan huru-hara di seluruh rantau yang  tidak pernah dilihat sebelum ini dalam skala panjang. Deflasi adalah keadaan ekonomi apabila harga jatuh atau sebaliknya, jangkaan harga akan turun masuk ke dalam minda orang ramai.

Jadi, apa akibat buruk deflasi?     Pertama, penggunaan atau perbelanjaan awam akan menurun.
perbelanjaan pengguna jatuh kerana pengguna membeli dan mengguna secara tangan ke mulut. Semua perbelanjaan menjadi terhad apabila orang melihat penjimatan sebagai cara yang lebih baik untuk menghargai nilai vs penggunaan ... contohnya membeli kereta atau rumah. Apabila seseorang menjangka harga akan jatuh, mereka tidak jadi membeli. Semua orang terus menunggu harga runtuh untuk mendapat value pembelian yang terbaik

 Ini merompak ekonomi permintaan.

permintaan kurang membawa kepada pengeluaran  yang semakin berkurangan, dan pertumbuhan negara yang lebih rendah. (GDP ) Kesan ini menyorot pertumbuhan negara dalam jangka panjang ... .dimana kenaikan kadar tabungan  isi rumah negara  melonjak tetapi penurunan pembelian runcit berlaku ... contoh yang sangat baik adalah Jepun di mana simpanan isi rumah adalah yang tertinggi di negara maju, tetapi pertumbuhan negara terbantut dari segi ekonomi.

Dalam jangka pendek, deflasi menaikkan kos sebenar untuk menjalankan perniagaan dengan  kenaikkan kadar faedah sebenar. Umpamanya,jika sesebuah firma meminjam  katakan 10% dalam keadaan ekonomi deflasi,dan kata kan deflasi adalah 2% ... faedah sebenar ternyata yang perlu ditanggung si peniaga menjadi 12%.

Ini adalah jumlah yang besar, apabila menjangkakan kadar permintaan pengguna yang lebih rendah. Oleh itu syarikat akan menangguhkan pelaburan, yang membawa kepada pengeluaran lebih rendah, pekerjaan baru menjadi rendah dan lain-lain  

Oleh itu dalam jangka pendek, deflasi menyesakkan pelaburan swasta.

Yang jelas dan hadir bahaya hari ini adalah bahawa tidak lama lagi Eropah akan berubah cara Jepun: iaitu, ia akan tergelincir ke dalam congkah deflasi,  ini jelas boleh kita amati melalui cerita cerita media massa terkini mereka..

Akhir kalam,kesan domino kemudiannya  mengambil alih..dengan Amerika Syarikat, China dan seluruh dunia  jatuh ke congkah deflasi ini, tidak lama kemudian.

Apakah ini semua bermakna kepada  kita sebagai pekerja atau peniaga kecil-kecilan?

Maksudnya, kesan deflasi  ini mengaibkan hasil peluh dan air mata kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia dalam mengumpul pencen yang selamat untuk diri sendiri dan rancangan kita untuk keselamatan dan masa depan keluarga kita akan terganggu oleh kuasa-kuasa  luar daripada kawalan kita yakni melalui penurunan nilai mata wang, kadar faedah simpanan yang rendah, amukan inflasi harga makanan dan tindakan deflasi tinggi dalam harga aset.(susah untuk anak-anak kita beli rumah)

Jadi, apa yang perlu di lakukan untuk mengatasi masaalah yang dihurai diatas?
Pertamanya, kurangkan beban hutang peribadi serta merta atau secepat mungkin. Lebihkan imbuhan simpanan atas kommoditi seperti Emas dan jongkong perak. Jangan terperangkap dalam musibah beban hutang.

 Langkah-langkah ini pasti akan membantut kesan ekonomi yang deflasi keatas anda sekeluarga.


HASIL Karya tulisan- GUNABALAN.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

They are called 
The Legendary Burgers for a reason

Try it one today to find it out.

Coffee and music ♪ ♫ the best recipe to start the day! Hard Rock Cafe Melaka wishes you a fantastic �Weekend.� Rock on~

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka Nachos!

Mahkota Parade

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Peranakan Hi-Tea Buffet @ Estadia Hotel,Melaka

Indulge into the tantalizing flavours of Baba Nyonya cuisines with the first Peranakan Hi-tea Buffet in town at our Makan Nyonya restaurant!

Dine in a group of 2 to 5 persons to get a great deal for only RM 40++ per person or RM35++ per person for a group of 6 persons and above! 
(Normal price: RM55++ per person)

For more details, please contact +606 -227 9600.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Malacca restores ‘white elephant’ projects. (Bernama).

Amidst the rapid development taking place in the historic state of Malacca, several abandoned projects or ‘while elephants’ involving the housing, commercial, industrial and tourism sectors, among others, have remained an eye sore.
However the state government has taken a proactive step by turning these ‘white elephants’ into catalysts of economic development especially for the people of Malacca.
State Transport, Project Rehabilitation and International Trade Committee chairman, Datuk Lim Ban Hong said seven such projects had been restored due to the state government’s joint efforts with the relevant parties.
"Alor Gajah district has no abandoned project, we have one in Jasin at Taman Batu Gajah Pasir and six others in Malacca Tengah district which have been restored," he said.
He said five projects in Malacca Tengah involved the tourism sector, namely the Ambassador Hotel restoration project to Novotel Hotel in Malacca Raya; Portuguese Village Tourism Front at Ujong Pasir; Watercity Resort to Gold Coast Resort in Bukit Katil; Pulau Malacca; and Pulau Besar Resort.
Lim said another project being rehabilitated in Malacca Tengah involved developing residential and commercial buildings of the Malaysia China light industry township in Tanjung Minyak.
"The project in Ayer Keroh Industrial Estate here is in the process of being restored while eight abandoned ones in Malacca Tengah are being looked into by the state government to be rehabilitated," he said.
Three are tourism projects involving Paradise Malacca Village Resort in Ayer Keroh; Hotel Merak in Pantai Puteri; and Pacific Inn in Tengkera. He said five others involved the commercial and housing sector, namely the Esplanade condominium in Klebang; Malacca Plaza in Jalan Hang Tuah; Bachang Mall in Bachang; shopping mall in Emperor Hotel, Jalan Munshi Abdullah; and Arab City in Pulau Malacca.
Lim said redevelopment being carried out on these restored projects might be different from the original ones depending on the suitability in the area at the present time.
"In Ayer Keroh, for example, probably 20 years ago the area was suitable for industrialisation but now we see residential and recreational areas such as for golf, have been developed," he said.
He said to expedite and facilitate the process, the state government provided fast track facilities to new developers to coordinate with the related agencies.
However he was disappointed with the attitude of the opposition that deliberately distorted the abandoned projects issue in the state by alleging that the state government did not help those involved.
Source: Bernama

Friday, July 8, 2016

Melaka Tourism Association

mengucapkan "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri"
dan Salam Lebaran kepada setiap insan
 yang mengunjungi page ini!

Hotel Equatorial Melaka

Weekend Tunch
Resthouse Café
Available for the month of July 2016

Every Saturday and Sunday, 12.30 pm – 4.00 pm
Price: RM58 nett per adult, RM29 nett per child
Children below 3-feet enjoy complimentary buffet
50% off for senior citizen, 50 years and above

For reservations, please call 06 - 282 8333, ext 3331 / 3130.

Seafood Buffet Dinner
Resthouse Café
Available for the month of July 2016

Endless choice of fresh seafood. At the buffet, there will be crayfish, lobster, flower crab, squid, prawn, baby scallop, local grouper, clam, and so much more.

Available: Friday and Saturday
Price: RM68 nett per adult, RM34 nett per child
For every 6 paying customers in one single group booking, the 7th eats for FREE
Children below 3-feet enjoy complimentary buffet
50% off for senior citizen, 50 years and above

For reservations, please call 06 - 282 8333, ext 3331 / 3130.

Almond & Dates Cheese Cake
Available for the month of July 2016

It is a sweet baked dessert consisting of a mixture of soft fresh cheese, eggs and sugar, while the bottom layer consists of crust made of crushed cookies and almonds, topped with dates and almonds.

Price: RM90 nett per order
30% off on daily fresh items after 7.00 pm
Pre-order within 24 hours

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