Thursday, February 26, 2015

Technology is a double edged sword.

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Welcome to Malaysia’s new smart phone induced internet fed frenzy.  Peer to Peer & Business to Consumer (B2C) apps.

For brick and mortar business owners, it doesn't take much these days to make the link between the meager bottom line and disappearing profit margins to see the impact peer to peer platforms and B2C platforms have created in our tourism and service industries. This brings disruption to the traditional profit lines of hotels,restaurants and many others in the traditional service concept as they attempt to share their profits and compete with online booking websites similar to Travago.

For the hospitality industry in general, now it appears they have to shirk off competition from B2C platforms as well. We have the leading contender Airbnb and Couch Surfer– the sites which offers alternative accommodations for weary travelers seeking unconventional places to stay, such as private homes, a seaside villa, or even something as simple as a sofa bed in the corner of the host’s living room. To put it simply, apart from room or home-sharing, these peer-to-peer business arrangements could involve a car ride, a neighbor’s lawn mower, or even someone’s time.

Peer-to-peer business module is fast becoming popular as it pools both ends of demand and supply from consumers in general and society as a whole and it looks to break our known cultural and financial barriers. Examples of sharing-based companies which have received flak from industry players and regulatory authorities include the popular Airbnb and Uber, both of which are available in Malaysia.

What technology has done today, is it has basically allowed an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar, government regulated service industry to compete with individuals offering similar systems.

Apps in smart phones allow these service offers to grow at such an incredible scale whereby for example, a single person’s review of a restaurant can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people by just a click of a button. It has amplified the ability to truly enhance the ‘sharing’ aspect and this is what has disrupted traditional economies. As long as the system can build trust and give credibility, it will turn that piece of shared information into something valuable.

Moving forward on that paradigm, ordinary app users then realized the niche they had and started to offer their personal time, room and skills for monetary returns. In the national news lime light recently were Taxi drivers up in arms about the competition from smart phone apps such as Blacklane, Uber, & Grabcar. The national Taxi association,PERS1M even issued a warning to SPAD (the National Transport Agency) to speed up its enforcement against these new competitive upstarts or risk seeing more and more taxi drivers losing out to these new upstarts.

On another level, imagine the benefit when a social media app can connect a person at home to share to the community that they need someone to pick up condiments for the curry that the person is cooking, and someone who is free and standing near the grocery store gets that piece of information and can make a decision on whether they would like to help out. That’s the concept behind another peer to peer app for smart phone owners- Goget.

Goget-currently in its beta service here in Malaysia and available only in the Klang Valley but no doubt will be crossing the state borders once they gain momentum.
What GoGet does, is that it simply connects smart phone owners with the other smart phone owners by providing better access to information about what is currently in need, It also helps sharing excess capacity that people have and thus ultimately create an opportunity to earn money and get help at the same time.

People are open to such things if it brings value to them, and GoGet is a direct help to the busy city dweller or small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking for help to deliver or do errands for them. 

For food enthusiasts we now have Plate Culture, which encourages anyone to pop into your house, enjoy the meal and hospitality (for a price) and lets you leave a review for the next person to judge your cooking, ambiance and service. Plate Culture has currently 50 hosts in and around the Malaysian peninsular.

And let’s not forget the lower end of the tourism market commerce -the touch and go crowd. For these people there’s now even a Airpnp – a mobile optimized web app that “gives residences and businesses the opportunity to rent out their bathrooms to people in their immediate location”.

“Who’s got it & who need to use it.” Is the current mantra of these B2C start ups.

So business owners need to be updated these days on why their thinning bottom line is becoming a normal affair.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka news

Amir Ukays will be performed at Hard Rock Cafe Melaka on this coming 28th February, 2015, 4.30pm – 6.30pm.

Amir Ukays was popular with Ukays Band in 90’s era will perform at Hard Rock Café Melaka on 28th February 2015, Saturday, 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Price of ticket will be RM70.00nett per person. His popular songs are “Kekasihku Di Menara”, “Seksa”, “Sebak”, “Rhythm Si Jantung Hati”, “Pahit Akan Manis Akhirnya” “Kasih Terlihat”, and many more. This showcase also futures special performance together with INDERA BAND. Come to meet Amir Ukays and INDERA BAND at Hard Rock Café Melaka!

For ticketing, please contact our sales & marketing team at +606 292 5188 or email to


Mondays – Thursdays, 10.00pm onwards
Fridays – Saturdays, 10.30pm onwards
Cover charges may apply.

Sundays – 9pm onwards
Cover charges may apply.

For more information, please contact Edmund or Joy Ahmad at +606 292 5188 or email to

Thank you.


HRC Logo 

Edmund See 
Sales Manager
Hard Rock Cafe Melaka | 28, Lorong Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone: +606 292 5188 | Mobile: +6012 258 9266

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gripes and Grimaces.

Within  reason.
Everything in life must be within reason. 

If something starts to happen to the detriment of humans for no apparent reason other than “That’s how things run” then we the people, should take action to stop it.

When I look around at the state of affairs of this blessed country these days, as a common man,
I see plenty of strife, guilt and animosity causing the populace stress and tension and a lower standard of living because we all seem so busy fighting rather than making our own lives better.

Money seems to be the underlying cause. To be more specific- the distribution of money inside a nation.

Here's an idea for a law:
To make everyone happy,Any new money created by the government of the day, either through lower Ringgit to dollar FX moves or inflationary interest bearing moves or issuance of higher 1.2.5 &10 year Bonds and Treasuries;(to assist export markets and margin carrying trades) it's to be handed directly to the people for their use. (Through the EPF and Unit Trusts and Co-operatives). 

Therefore if the Corporations and GLC’s want a fluid money market, then let them write a check to Joe citizen, and not to themselves.  So if they want 30 billion to stimulate the economy (as they claim) then send every man, woman and child a credit for about 1000 RM in the above mentioned accounts and let the people choose how to stimulate the economy. BRIM it on !

In monetary systems, the banks, big and small, whether they are lending to GLC’s or funding speculation through the derivative market , they are actually creating the money supply that fuels the economy.

The ECONOMIC SYSTEM needs them. This economy would collapse if the banks no longer funded speculation. After all, speculation is what a financialized economy is all about and the banks create the volumes of cash to keep the stock markets and other speculative venues growing. And believe me when I say, we grow our economic strength more through speculation on the futures and its derivatives-i.e insurance, re-insurance, than through outright trading or selling or even producing.  

Some complain that the banks are too big . That we need to break them up. It isn't enough to simply break up the banks, either. No matter what you try to do, big banks will spring up again as quickly as you break them up. We can't fix the system we have. It has to be fundamentally changed.  The trick is to NOT allow Banks, big or small, control the money supply (M2) through debt and collateralized debt obligations (CDO's).

For these systemic changes to happen, man as a species, needs to have more time looking into his own affairs and less on fighting each other.

The monetary system should be fundamentally changed. .....

In robotics engineers have theorized, Robots should not be allowed to have complicated and superior artificial Intelligence (AI) coding as it would mean at some point, the robot‘s needs will supersede the human’s need. 

No reform and no sustainable financial future is possible unless the monetary system and the role of banks is fundamentally changed. Banks are becoming more of a Financial Services & Trading house than an actual BANK these days. 

Lending Money, providing loans to needy small business'es and encouraging localised growth and commerce was what Banks used to do. Now they are about the share holders and bottom lines.

Alternative Thought and Speculation has it the Rothschilds are wealthy to the extent of five hundred trillion dollars’ worth of wealth. The Queen, the Vatican, the Rockefellers, are sporting trillions of dollars’ worth of wealth, and, I am sure, there are quite a few Asian Ananda's and Quek's worth trillions too. The western government invented our form of current Finance and has its fingers in every investments that has created, in just about everything going on, in just about every major country and corporation in the world, to the tune of trillions of dollars’ worth of wealth.

Money as a system applies in the same way. The power of money and monetary creation should not be relegated for Private Corporation interest only but also take into consideration the human factor of making money serve human needs and wants. 
Not the other way around…

Coming to the Grimace portion of this diatribe then, is a Question. "why are there still people on Earth dying from hunger and lack of money"?

The answer to that question was provided thousands of years ago; in the Mahabharata. The stories about the people themselves provided the answer, which is, when people are given a living rather than earning a living then more and more people become dependent, more and more people become lazy and useless.

They start to covet what others have and get greedy so that they themselves can maintain their current power and position. Thus is born the root of all nations strive and stress- racial politics and racial panderings, or "assabiyah" as the Muslims call it.

Through it all, there will still be those who are well off and those that are not so well off. I believe the elites are rich because they never quit, they can have it all and still they will be driven to gain more and more. Rich people are special, unique, few and far between, certainly not enough of them to work the fields and tend the markets so the rest of us have to contribute something. 

Therein is the rub, how much work for how few ringgit?

Eventually, after the passage of some time those in power and position then begin seeing how the workman's greed (!) is destroying the world and the workmen start seeing how the elites are squeezing their every drop of blood for more material and power control.

The trick for the educated (or adjamacated, as i say it) is in caring but not destroying the balance between the two, and that tricks solution hasn't been found out yet. 

I read an article once about Thanksgiving in America, the First Thanksgiving or thereabouts, in which the article insisted people died of starvation then because they were too lazy to work the fields and provide for themselves. In fact a diary kept by one of the citizens then said just that!

I honestly believe if the Trillionaires just turned over their fortunes to "the people" in a few years the whole of that society, rich and poor would be starving to death. It is in the human nature to be lazy, to be shiftless, to expect the world owes it a living;  everything to be made in their gods image, and certainly that their neighbors have negative connotations to them.

Truth is, though we preach about work ethics and trust systems to others, we as a species are made in the image of other creatures and all of them need to eat, all of them need to have shelter, all of them will, if allowed become lazy and self-centered.

I don't like what is going on in the world today either, what the rich seem to have in mind for us not rich, and I don't have all the answers to life’s perennial questions either. 

The questions we should really be asking is how to provide for the billions of people and still have a world worth living in...Industry and Commerce is destroying the world while trying to feed the world and yeah, a few do get rich, but at what cost to the Earth, are we living?

I therefore say, we need to think right now about creating a solution to these questions. Right now is a good time, who can know what tomorrow will bring.

Why this long winded tirade then?

Well,I confess I’m writing this as a matured and grey haired individual reaching the half century. I worry about where we are heading as a country and citizenry. I worry about what Legacy we as Adults leave our kids.

Yes, I still have my responsibilities and duties. My mother and my unmarried kids still lives with my wife and I under our roof. We lived happily enough the last 30 years. Basically we have the food we want, we have satellite TV, and we go to bed happy and get up healthy. 

We have no debts, own our home and two old cars; and except for the costs of maintenance and repairs plus Medical Cards and other sky high Insurances, we would have a newer car and an even better living. But we mostly don't buy expensive alcoholic beverages & we don't use any drugs nor spend money on sex. We don't smoke cigarettes. Basically, we just hang around the house, play with our grandkids, visit relatives and friends & go into the big cities every now and then.

A simple life, but wonderful.

What  brought on the above tirade and is laughable is that I spend a lot of time on the Internet reading about others complaining about the rich, the privileged, the Christians, the Muslim’s, the Government, & just about everything there is to complain about that we can complain about.

I guess complaining is our national past time. But we must be careful not to allow our mood to simmer down to negativity. It's this negative mood nationwide that I see today which could hurt us in the future. Certain people have the eloquence and ability to communicate effectively. 

Most do not. 

If these individuals are in a thankful mood they do not become spiteful and angry with their words and thoughts, but however if, they are in a not so thankful mood they behave and think quite different.

Being eaten up with jealousy, these accomplished and agenda filled individuals act like they too would like to have the masses adulation, the power, prestige and adoring entourage……..  maybe even a boat, a plane, a mansion, all the stuff the rich have, but I also have seen , most would just waste it away once they gain the platform they crave because of laziness and sloth.

People complain because they can, that's not right I know, but even lazy people like a little attention now and then.  Anyway, what I guess I am asking of my readers is this: Be aware of the end game of every conversation and decision you participate in and make.  

Every smart person who knows how to talk and complain has his own personal Agenda. The question we need to ask ourselves is that agenda part of us?
Always ask.   (Think about that...)


Monday, February 23, 2015

Melaka Tourism related news

Gambar  Hiasan
MELAKA: Budaya kunjung-mengunjungi rumah jiran dan rakan sekampung berbilang kaum ketika musim perayaan perlu dipupuk kembali di kalangan kanak-kanak, kata Ketua Menteri Melaka Datuk Seri Idris Haron.
Beliau berkata pada masa sekarang budaya yang merupakan suatu tradisi masyarakat Malaysia itu semakin terhakis dan ia perlu dikembalikan bagi memperkukuh perpaduan masyarakat terutama yang berbilang kaum di negara ini.
"Ketika saya kanak-kanak pada tahun 70an bila tiba Tahun Baharu Cina ini saya bersama sahabat saya pakat ramai-ramai pergi ke rumah anggota masyarakat Cina di kampung selalunya kami pergi rumah Ah San dapat angau 20 sen, rumah Yong Hock dan Ah Meng selalu dapat minum oren juga makan buah limau puas-puas.
"Budaya ini sebenarnya menambah kemesraan kami kanak-kanak dengan anggota masyarakat berbangsa lain di kampung malah mengajar kami tiada garis pemisah antara kaum di kampung kami, tetapi sekarang tidak ramai kanak-kanak didedahkan dengan perkara begitu," katanya.
Idris berkata pengalaman itu telah membentuk kemesraan dan perasaan tidak kekok ketika bersama masyarakat berbilang kaum di negara ini dalam dirinya terutamanya dalam usaha memahami isi hati mereka.
"Bila (bercampur) dengan masyarakat Cina dan India sebenarnya saya tidak pernah kekok kerana sejak kecil saya membesar dekat dengan mereka, malah saya melihat mereka seperti pakcik dan makcik saya. Ini yang perlu kita kembalikan di kalangan anak-anak kita," katanya. 
Gambar Hiasan
Manakala, Exco Pengangkutan Dan Pemulihan Projek negeri Datuk Lim Ban Hong berkata bahawa jumlah kemasukan kenderaan ke Melaka yang mencatatkan peningkatan bagi tempoh tiga hari sejak Rabu lepas bersempena cutiTahun Baharu Cina membuktikan negeri ini kekal menjadi destinasi pelancongan popular, kata Exco Pengangkutan Dan Pemulihan Projek negeri Datuk Lim Ban Hong. 
Beliau berkata bagi tempoh tiga hari itu, sebanyak 157,957 buah kenderaan dicatatkan memasuki Melaka melalui tiga plaza tol iaitu Ayer Keroh, Simpang Ampat di Alor Gajah dan Lipat Kajang di Jasin. 

"Tol Ayer Keroh mencatatkan kemasukan kenderaan tertinggi melebihi 50 peratus daripada jumlah keseluruhan kemasukan kenderaan ke negeri ini," katanya pada sidang akhbar di sini, Sabtu.     

Katanya sebanyak 48,793 buah kenderaan direkodkan memasuki Melaka melalu itiga tol tersebut pada hari pertama pemerhatian dilakukan berbanding 46,909 buah pada hari sama tahun lepas. 

Pada hari kedua dan ketiga pula masing-masing merekodkan kemasukan kenderaan berjumlah 56,840 dan 52,324 buah berbanding 51,981 dan 54,015 buah pada tahun lepas, katanya. 

Lim berkata walaupun kemasukan kenderaan meningkat namun keadaan trafik masih terkawal dengan pemantauan oleh pelbagai agensi penguatkuasaan termasuk Polis Diraja Malaysia, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan dan Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat.
Berita  dikutip daripada:

Pulau Melaka Commercial Restoration Project Has Increased Confidence Of Investors

MELAKA, Feb 20 (Bernama) -- The restoration of the commercial project in Pulau Melaka at a cost of RM64.5 million has increased investors' confidence in the state's property sector.

State Transport and Project Restoration Committee chairman, Datuk Lim Ban Hong said the restoration of the project, abandoned since 1998 due to the economic crisis, will spur economic development and provide job opportunities.

"I foresee more investment flowing into Melaka after more abandoned projects are restored by the state government," he told BERNAMA in Melaka.

Lim said Pulau Melaka, an artificial island near Bandar Hilir tourist area, can be turned into a commercial district and an exclusive tourism location.

The project was restored by Kejuruteraan Asas Jaya Sdn Bhd, a company appointed by the Melaka state government.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron handed over the keys to 1,233 residential and commercial unit owners in Pulau Melaka on Feb 1.

Meanwhile, in KOTA KINABALU, Sabah Tourism Malaysia director Sani Sham Ahmad said the state would focus on getting more domestic tourists to go there.

He said the availability of direct flights from the peninsula, like Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, could contribute towards efforts to boost the state's domestic tourism industry.

Towards this end, he said, Tourism Malaysia would work with the Sabah Tourism Board and tourism industry players to promote tourism products in the state.

"We call it selling mission. We go out to reach the people to aggressively market the state tourism products to encourage more domestic tourists to come," Sani Sham told BERNAMA.

On tourist arrivals in Sabah, he said 60 per cent of them were domestic tourists.


Friday, February 20, 2015

MTA Chinese New Year Wishes

"Here’s a Chinese New Year wish 
of seeing you 
 and merry 
throughout the year of
 the RAM." 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Have you planned something for your loved ones on this year Valentine's?

Not to worry, we are offering 3 course meal which consist of:

2 Starters
2 Main Courses
2 Desserts
& 2 Glass of Red Wine

All of this @ RM118nett ONLY!

RSVP this Valentine's Dinner @ 016 - 665 5085 or 016 - 660 1880

Viking Tours & Travel,Melaka


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Viking Tours & Travel (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd is 
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Viking Tours&Travel (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd understands 
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