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Members of Malacca Tourism Association enjoying the Ambrosia Cafe's repast after their Monthly Meet

News taken from the Star newspaper (13th June 2011):
The Ambrosia restaurant in Taman Melaka Raya has offered a lavish spread of Mediterranean grill lamb and other exotic dishes as a reward to anyone who can give information leading to the recovery of 20 wheels stolen from ancient Portuguese cannons here.

Daniel Lowe, who owns The Ambrosia restaurant in Taman Melaka Raya with his brothers, also promised free pizzas for all its customers the day the wheels are recovered.
He said the offer of the spread, which was worth RM4,500, would be for the person together with 10 of his family members or friends.
“We promise to give an unforgettable treat, accompanied by music from a live band.
Owned by the Lowe siblings, this eatery is eager to provide its patrons with the highest level of satisfaction through their service and a unique selection of dishes.

He said as a token of appreciation, the restaurant would also give out its signature dish the Ambrosia Special 10-inch Pizza with ham, egg, cheese, green capsicum toppings on the day the wheels are returned
Lowe said they were also willing to give a cash reward to anyone with such information.
The solid cast iron wheels, which supported five ancient Portuguese cannons on top of St John's Hill at Bandar Hilir, went missing last Wednesday.
Each cannon with four wheels weighs between 500kg and 600kg.
The state government had since initiated measures to protect its historical sites following the theft.
Lowe said he and his brothers decided to come up with the meal reward because the artefacts were of historical value for Malacca.
“We were very upset upon hearing that the wheels had gone missing and decided at the time that we must do something to get them back,” said the 30-year-old, adding that he and his family often visited St John's Hill.

Friday, June 24, 2011

An Ideal Chinatown in Amazing Malacca

Traveler Article : 
By Carleton Cole 
“Jonker” Street, the heart of the Chinatown in seaside Malacca, Malaysia, means “Second-class Gentlemen” Street, referring to how the prewar road was the home of the servants who once worked for the rich owners of better homes along nearby Hereen Street. But of the 12 Chinatowns I have been to, this one is second to none.
The Chinese were one of the most important trading communities in Malacca in the 1400s and 1500s, when the city was the biggest trading post in Southeast Asia.
With great walkability in the relatively compact old town, a reasonable amount of people milling about in the streets that are not too crowded yet not too empty, authenticity, and ideal balance of shops, shrines, restaurants and associations making homes in a funky variety of colonial-Chinese-style two-storey buildings, this Chinatown aims to thrill visitors while not shirking its ability to cater to local Chinese-Malaysian needs.
malacca1Indicative of how smoothly these Chinese establishments blend into one another, the convenience-store Choice Shop at 100 Junker St is often mistaken for a shrine. The same can be said to a somewhat lesser degree to the shops selling statues of Buddhist and Taoist deities along this charming, richly cultural street. An Islamic sultanate before the arrival of Portuguese and Dutch colonisers, Malacca, has the most international and unique history of any other city in Malaysia. As with most towns in Malaysia, there is also a small Indian community, and of course many Malays.
As with any Chinatown worth its noodles, the various Chinese curios stores on Junker Street here make good places to get gifts such as jade or gold pendants with Chinese characters that mean “long life” or “prosperity”. They also have all manner of old coins and lamps, paintings and an array of Chinese trinkets.
Other Chinatowns in Malaysia have similar old Sino-Portuguese shophouses, such as in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Kuching, but they lack the charm and better preserved architectural beauty—colourfully decorated tiles, curling gables—of Malacca’s Chinatown and are not as physically well maintained. Meanwhile, Singapore’s old Chinatown, which may have been over-prettified and gentrified, may look too good, and does not have as many original buildings—especially shrines—intact, while its restaurants are mostly upmarket and touristy.
And the wearying Yaowarat (Chinatown) of Bangkok is too geared towards basic shops needed for locals, without enough to interest visitors, and have a glut of copycat red-and-yellow-theme gold shops. It is also dissected by the major thoroughfare Yaowarat Road, which increases the pollution and decreases the livability of this Chinatown.
Meanwhile, London’s Chinatown is too focused on restaurants, and the same can be said for those across the Atlantic in Washington and Boston, which have seen much of their earlier Chinese settlers move to the suburbs. Also, even the bustling, fun Chinatowns in New York and San Francisco seem to too much take on the traits of their US capitalist home, and are centred on the money to be made in restaurants and curios shops, with less of a soul, though at least the scenes here are lively.
malacca2Built by Teochiew, Hacca and Pernakan (Straits Chinese) and other Chinese peoples who immigrated to west-central Malaysia in past centuries, Malacca’s Chinatown keeps its roots alive and celebrates its ancestors, in accordance with Confucian tradition. The oldest and most important temple here is the Buddhist Cheng Hoon Temple.
Older Sino rhythms are felt along Tun Tan Cheng Lock, formerly Heeren Street, where affluent Baba Nyonya Chinese—Chinese who became assimilated by marrying locally and becoming Muslim—built their mansions with wealth from trading rubber and other goods. The Baba Nyonya heritage, in decor and food, is celebrated at the hip Geographer Cafe, at 81 and 83 Jonker Street. The hungry also regularly savour the chicken rice of Nasi Ayam Hoe Kee restaurant at 8 to 4 Jonker Street, or the local, widely available staple laksa, a spicy Malaysian noodle dish made here with coconut. Nearby are shops specialising in local desserts and catering both to local Chinese and Malays, as well as visitors from around the world. At 165 Jonker Street, the Teo Chew Huay Kuan centre offers tai-chi, aerobics and more opportunities to get in shape after enjoying so much of the filling local cuisine.
For half a millennium, Malacca has been home to a mix of cultural traditions thanks to the visitors it attracts to its deep harbour and favourable location along the path of trades winds. The Dutch Heritage Trail takes visitors to the other side of town across the Malacca River to visit-worthy sites including the sturdy Dutch structure 17th-century Stadthuys town hall—which is now home to the informative History Museum Ethnographic Museum—and St Francis Xavier’s Church and Christ Church, which was built with red bricks from Holland and now houses the Melaka Art Gallery.
malacca3A grand view of this coastal town, the Straits of Malacca and the large Chinese cemetery on China Hill is granted from the Menara Taming Sari, a 360-degree viewing tower with a sky-high viewing platform. Malacca is about one hour by vehicle from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.
Old Malacca’s plazas, government buildings, temples, churches and mosques have Unesco World Heritage status for their cultural and historic worth. Such structures ring the excellently situated ruins of St Paul Church—a Dutch church built atop a Portuguese one—with its Dutch tombstones on St Paul Hill. Children holding the hands of their parents are led down the hill to Porta de Santiago, the one remaining section of the Portuguese fortress A’Famosa (The Famous); less well-preserved Portuguese-built structures can be found in the Portuguese Settlement & Museum.
My most important stop in town was a cool jewellery and Chinese knickknacks store on Jonker Street, where I bought my Chinese-Thai wife Mai a jade and silver pendant with the Chinese character for “longevity”. It is great knowing that as long as we are together, I will feel right at home in Asia.
photos, top to bottom, by: Stephen Barnettyummiec00kiesyeowatzup

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Members Promotion

21  June 2011

Salam Sejahtera from Seri Malaysia Hotel Melaka !

In conjunction with Terengganu Food &Cultural Week organized by Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka and Primula Beach Hotel, Kuala Terengganu ,we are pleased to invite you to the above mentioned Briefing and Business Matching with details as below :

Date / Day                  :           Saturday  ( 25 June 2011 )
Time                            :           10.00 am – 12.00 noon.
Venue                          :           Naning  1 & 2
                                                Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka
                                                Lebuh Ayer Keroh
                                                75450 Melaka
Fees                             :           Free Of Charges
Dress Code                  :           Office Attire, Smart Casual

By Attending this Product Update Briefing, participant will be able ;
·         To discover Terengganu Tourism Product Update and what it has to offer for tourist and MICE market .
·         The participant will have the opportunity to develop packages for clients and expand the portfolio of their individual market.
·         Learn more on the new status of Monsoon Cup, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang, and Pulau Kapas.
·         Will be able to meet in person Tourism Players and Tourism Authorities of Terengganu.
·         13 booth by various Terengganu Food, Cultural and Travel Business will be on display.
·         Business matching opportunities between Melaka and Terengganu Tourism Players.

*Coffee Break and Lunch will be provided in conjunction of Opening Ceremony of Terengganu Food And Cultural Festival and will be officiated by Yang Terutama Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob.

For reservation, please call us at 06 232 8460 , ext : Zima, Effa.

Thank You


Sazali Sabri
General Manager / Franchisee

For RSVP , please call  06-232 8470 , ext : Zima  /  Effa .

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ambrosia Cafe in Melaka Raya

Restaurant serves variety of dishes for its patrons

BY FOO SWEE LEE ( The Star Online )

MALACCA: The Ambrosia restaurant in Taman Melaka Raya is offering a variety of Portuguese, Nyonya and Chinese dishes to its patrons.
Owned by the Lowe siblings, this eatery is eager to provide its patrons with the highest level of satisfaction through their service and a unique selection of dishes.
The ‘must-try’ signature dish here is the Ambrosia’s Special Pizza.
Proud owners: Daniel (left) and Collin.
This hot 10-inch pizza is topped with raw eggs baked with ham, cheese, green capsicum and onion.
Co-owner Daniel Lowe, 30, a chef with 15 years of experience said he blended a family recipes handed down by his mother to produce the dishes offered in the restaurant’s menu.
Daniel also is proud to share the Ambrosia Baked Fish marinated and cooked with spices and fresh herbs which enhances its flavour.
“Another must-try dish is the Debal Curry which is a Portuguese- Eurasian dish.
“Basically, its chicken curry and potatoes cooked with a blended chilli, onion, garlic and lemon grass,” he said.
The other Lowe sibling, Collin, 34, the Portuguese-Eurasian recipes of Malacca is time-tested and not many chefs are skilled at preparing the dishes.
“I can proudly say that my brother has preserved the recipes through his culinary art,” said Collin.
Crowd favourite: Ambrosia’s special pizza, topped with raw eggs baked with ham, cheese, green capsicum and onions.
Other traditional dishes in the menu included home-cooked Nyonya dishes like Pongteh Chicken, Kangkung Belacan, sauced brinjal, omellette and sambal fish.
Ambrosia is also known for its beverages like the Mango Laban, Divine fresh blended lime, orange and mango juice with milk and Lime Granizado.
For those with a sweet tooth, there’s the fresh and aromatic home-made Brownie with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce.
Here, the meals are priced from RM5.50 to RM40 per serving.
Daniel said the restaurant would be refurbished with a new look on June 10.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diploma in Nursing

Do you aspire to join nursing? 
Study shown that at least 8,000 new nurses are needed to join in the nursing industry each year. 

As such, the Mahkota Institute of Health Sciences and Nursing is proud to present a Diploma in Nursing to groom a new generation of leaders in nursing.

Who Should Attend
·         Fresh graduates;
·         Existing healthcare workers keen on skills upgrading;
·         Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) seeking new career in nursing; and
·         Housewives looking to re-enter the workforce

Join Us for Our Launch
Date      : 11th June 2011
Time      : 10am -12.30pm
Venue : Nursing College, Level 9, Mahkota Medical Centre

Contact Us
Email                                :
Contact number               : +606-285 2820

Please share out this exciting news to your members and friends.

Thank you.

Jessica Yeo           
Marketing Executive

Hospital of Choice with a Passion for Care and Excellence
TEL +606 285 2999   DID +606 285 2912   HP +6016 665 3323   FAX +606 281 0560                                 
Health Screening Centre
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APM Press Release

Final Countdown for Melaka Tourism Awards 2010 / 2011
(Anugerah Pelancongan Melaka )

The final countdown is on for tourism businesses in the beautiful State of Melaka to enter and be recognized with the Bi- Annual Melaka Tourism Awards.

All Cafe's; Hotels; Restaurants; Tourism Attractions, and other Tourism related service providers have another opportunity this year (end) to get their businesses recognized and awarded by their Industry peers.

This grand effort is lead by The Malacca Tourism Association (MTA) with the indulgence and guidance of the Melaka State Tourism Bodies towards raising the tourism profile of associated tourism sectors responsible for driving the region’s tourism business here in Melaka.

Designed to recognize and reward the tourism players here, these awards are open to businesses in all the 12 sub sectors within the Industry. A total of 23 award categories spanning all areas of the industry’s growing visitor economy and include Appreciation Awards for Lead Government Agencies, & Special Tourism Award for Outstanding Individual Effort (Tokoh Pelancongan Melaka); Awards for Large and Small Hotels, Visitor Attractions and Awards for Excellence in Tourist Guiding which is aimed at those services and sectors that are working hard to maximize their positive impact on the increase in tourism activity within Melaka.

Mdm Madelina Kuah, MTA’s Organizing Chair for The Anugerah Pelancongan Negeri Melaka is encouraging businesses to gain recognition for their work.

“This awards are given out irrespective whether you are a MTA member or not. If you are delivering excellence you shouldn’t be shy to shout about it. These awards are all about recognizing the growing quality of tourism in the State of Melaka and rewarding those who, by going the extra mile, are providing a high quality benchmark to which all can aspire. This independent recognition of quality the Anugerah Pelancongan Melaka give which is evaluated by Tourism Industry leaders provides an excellent marketing platform from which to secure even greater success.”

Businesses will find out who has been crowned and recognized by the awards judges at a glittering ceremony in year's end,  which will be graced by The Governor and Chief Minister of Melaka. 

These winners will then have the chance to be forwarded to the National Level awards, where they will go head to head with winners from all over Malaysia

Businesses interested in self submission for the Anugerah Pelancongan Negeri Melaka should contact the Malacca Tourism Association at:

MTA: 06 2848234
Mdm Madelina Kuah: 019 6657221
En. Saari Basiron: 017 6057466

Award categories for the 2011 Anugerah Pelancongan Negeri Melaka are:

Hotel 5 Bintang Terbaik
Hotel 4 Bintang Terbaik
Hotel 3 Bintang Terbaik
Hotel 2 Bintang & Bajet Terbaik
Resort dan Chalet Terbaik
Pengusaha HomeStay Terbaik
Pengalaman Membeli – Belah Terbaik
Produk/Tarikan Pelancongan Terbaik :
- Rumah Tradisional
- Agro- Tourism
- Health-Tourism
- Tempat Rekreasi
- Muzium / Gallery.
Restoran Terbaik :
- Masakan Melayu
- Masakan Cina
- Masakan India
- Masakan Peranakan
- Café / Bistro
- Hotel Outlet
- Anugerah “Best of the Best”
Perkhidmatan Pemandu Pelancong Terbaik
12 Sub Sektor Pelancongan Terbaik (Excellence Awards)
Anugerah Khas (Tokoh Pelancongan Melaka)
Anugerah keseluruhan 10 Sub Sektor Terbaik.

That is all for now,Folks!

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