Saturday, April 21, 2018

Cashless Society musings

My son just belanja us to Genting Highlands recently for some good old fashion family fun.

Many things remain the same there but many things are also changing furiously fast.

Like how they are embracing càshless payment &  digital payments.

Their retail and planned integrated resort branding, marketing  and point of sale promotions were very interesting for someone like me.

On a side note, i noticed more vending machines throughout the Genting resort brand.

Even walk ways on every floor leading to rooms  had vending machines!
This was probably a new way to monetise non commercial retail areas😁

Interestingly, these days i see more and more young adults pay for small purchases and even a single cup of coffee (in cafes and restaurants) with a credit card, often without signing or entering a PIN.

(We know it as Wave payment system for any payment below RM 250).   I've been told kiosk pintar (smart payment kiosks) in Jakarta, Surabaya and Java are fast expanding nation wide.

So, looks like people are already trained to be happy to operate without cash, & with new options like We Chat pay; Ali Pay, Samsung pay or even Apple Pay, which lets you use your iPhone and your fingerprint to pay with better security than an actual card, that trend is likely to accelerate.

Our business mens' old habits of carrying wads of cash everywhere will soon change

Prepaid credit cards are also a popular alternative, as I've noticed 7/11 are enlarging their market share of those cards and
vouchers that can be bought in their stores for cash and used to pay for internet games and songs on platforms like JOOX.

One thing is clear: As online shopping becomes yet more prevalent, and prepaid credit cards to replace more and more low-value cash transactions becoming more accepted, even with small time vendors, cash is well on its way to becoming obsolete.

Our business men dealing mainly in cash transactions need to understand and appreciate this changes.

But as with most other new technology, full usage in Malaysia will be unevenly distributed.

As I've often said in these musings, change is coming hard and fast.....whether we personally accept it or not.

Better to know About these changes early.

But as with all progress, not everyone will be affected all at once.

Unmistakably, urban cities will benefit / feel these changes first.

But understand that it is in governments favor when money is all electronic, instead of hard-to-track paper, they (governments) can experiment with innovations in monetary policy far more easily than when a lot of the money in the system exists as cash in people’s pockets.

As i see it, there are many benefits to removing cash from the economy, such as eliminating black markets and allowing more easy monetary policy.

For instance, countries central bank can automatically allow money to automatically devalue itself slowly, (encouraging its owners to spend it) & it can also allow parents to restrict their kid’s allowance to only be spent on wholesome pursuits, like books, or prohibit it from being used in fast-food restaurants. (Think how already we can limit credit cards extended to brands and locations)

They can also make happen the currently unthinkable..... for instance, in a digital atmosphere, within a few years governments can use current fintech to make money changers become obsolete!!

How, you ask?

All Digital payment is the same as long as currency appreciation differences are factored in.

Whether Ali pay, Samsung pay or I currency has no difference or border. You can pay the same digital payment in any country as long as the platforms to record them ate similar or affiliated.

Scary isn't it?

Governments and their agencies love electronic transactions of course.

Without cash, it’s much harder to hide money from the tax man.

I suspect our financial circumstances and priorities will be very different by 2020.

[21/04, 16:40] Gunabalan.Esq:

Yes. I wonder though how many of our people are truly aware of these coming changes?

[21/04, 17:01] Gunabalan.Esq:

For the info and thought of those in leadership roles in this chatroom;

One good example is The elderly  in our community:
One group of vulnerable people who might be at a loss in the coming New world if no outreach is done to inform and educate them on new digital money systems and operations.

I know because even I had a public blow up with my President when I couldn't care less to follow up on certain digital payment updates😁😁that he considered important.

[21/04, 17:08] Gunabalan.Esq: And in case no one here knows; your wallet needs to be rfid protected now days if you have visa or amex wave cards in them.

Otherwise it can be scanned easily as you pass by any mobile reader machine.

Although Wave is used for a limited amount, but why risk it?

Thursday, April 19, 2018



Marina Awam Melaka

*For more details, please call:   

  Farah (+6012-206 4327) or 

  PPSPM (+606-281 4322/23)


Orang ramai dijemput untuk menyertai KAMPUNG MORTEN CULTURAL AND HERITAGE GUIDED WALK pada setiap hari ISNIN, RABU dan JUMAAT dan ia adalah PERCUMA!!!

Waktu pendaftaran : 4.45 petang
Tempat berkumpul : Air Pancut Kampung Morten
Waktu lawatan : 5.00 petang - 6.30 petang

Untuk tempahan sila hubungi 06 282 6526 atau emailkan kepada

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Shah Beach Resort Melaka

Enjoy savings of up to RM 15!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Consolidation Happening Today as seen by Gunabalan.

Locally, there seems to be two different worlds.
One that is officially sanctioned (print and Electronic Media) and one that is people oriented and based (social Media). Both are professing to tell the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth but their truth is not neutral.

It is Bipartisan.

Clearly, nothing in this present world is black and white anymore and That is Dangerous.
The fight for your faith and trust is over these imaginary Lines  drawn in the proverbial sand and we the people are expected to choose which side we want to be in.
Even in other spheres of local life; socially and culturally, race and  religion decisions is part and parcel of each and every conversation on how and why things that happen the way they happen.....happens.

We seem to be a nation divided by Reasoning and Frustration.   This cannot be good for us as a nation.

In other matters as well, it would appear that we are well into a period of extreme confusion where normal is no longer usual.

The status Quo is changing, and every time that happens; the people pay the price of becoming lost in the crowd of numbers if they are not aware of the coming changes.

They become the sacrife of a nation catching up with the world at large...

When we talk to the movers and shakers of Industry, they take pains to point out that Business Profits and Margins are down in almost every industry we regarded as strong earlier.

These days many young entrepreneurs are of the opinion that the usual business rules and waiting periods for returns on investments are all skewered.

Its all about survival in a high cost and high margin world for them. Basically its no more business as usual but money game days . (Money Games are defined as non Brick and Mortar related but more of Finance Related or Fast Returns Game).

In the Manufacturing  as well as Retail and Warehousing Industries for example, there is now a confluence of cross marketing and Retail that is happening quite seamlessly. The big GLC's  with their big tentacles (&overheads) are taking over down stream industry and business activity in their effort to stream line cross market income /revenue generation and this is very evident in how retailing, transport and warehousing is viewed by these big boys these days.

Its now come to companies re imagining its retail stores as entertainment hubs with a variety of interactive displays that will entice all segments of the family to visit more often and stay longer.

This search for innovations along the customer’s pathways will however, kill the smaller SMEs and SMIs. The trick will be to identify each segment’s unique paths and pain points and create tailored solutions rather than the one-size-fits-all approach that has characterized much of previous retailing consolidation in the past.

Within a few more years, if this current period of economic consolidation and deflation continues, its going to make many entrepreneurs give up on trying to be their own boss and just go back to being a worker.

It is periods like this that TRIBALISM starts to rear its ugly head in society and in the minds of the young bread winners.  Tribalism is the state of being organized in or an advocate for a tribe or tribes.
In terms of conformity, tribalism also refer in popular cultural terms to a way of thinking or behaving in which people are loyal to their own social group.

Basically, I personally fear we are fast losing sight of our path as one Nation.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

Kem Remaja Islam @ KERIS

Buah Melaka Intinya Manis,
Elok Disimpan Didalam Peti,
Jom Sertai Program KERIS,
Budaya Dan Agama Teguh Di Hati.

Tarikh     : 13 - 15 April 2018 (3D2N)
Lokasi    : Kampung Budaya, Taman Mini Malaysia, Ayer Keroh, Melaka
Bayaran  : RM100 seorang
Terbuka untuk remaja berusia 13 tahun keatas.

Program KERIS ini adalah merupakan satu program penghayatan diri dengan suntikan elemen-elemen kemelayuan, agama, tradisi & seni mempertahankan diri bagi memantapkan minda generasi muda masa kini dalam mengharungi dunia yg serba moden ini. 

Untuk maklumat lanjut dan pendaftaran, sila hubungi urusetia program : En. Ikhsan Ismail 010-5034871 / Sales Dept 016-2340241

#martabatkanagamadanbudaya #kampungbudaya #sayangmalaysia

Shah Beach Resort, Melaka

Friday, March 23, 2018

马六甲水族馆(The Shore Oceanarium Melaka)

Package Option
  • Adult: RM28 per pax instead of RM35
  • Child (Aged 3 - 12, above 90cm): RM20 per pax instead of RM25

Visiting Period: 17 May - 14 June 2018

Operating Hours
  • Daily: 10:30AM - 9:00PM (Last Admission: 8:00PM)

About Us
The Shore Oceanarium is the New Premier Tourist Attraction in Melaka. It is located at 2nd floor of The Shore Shopping Gallery, right in the heart of the historical city of Melaka, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. An extraordinary interactive journey to learn the earth ecosystem and allow you to discover creatures from land to the sea. The Oceanarium aquarium basically divided into few sections:

Interactive Touch Pool
Where venture most touchable pool in Asia where you can feel the skin of star fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin and even the bamboo shark, even the Jellyfishes.

Jungle Quest
Where people can learn more about the reptile, snake, frog, butterfly, Insects and other small animal such as hedgehog etc.

Ocean Journey
Was the main section of the Oceanarium where it further divide into few subsection: Oceanarium Theater, Shark Quest, Sea Shell Museum, Marine Fishes & coral exhibits.

River Story
Learn all about the river ecosystem around the world which exhibits the different species of fish native in the different river region: Indian River, Chinese Mountain Stream, Australian River, Lake Malawi & etc. The bigger subsection here was the Malaysia Ecosystem, where the fish species native in our country will be exhibit here.

Dangerous Marine Species
Educate the people about the dangerous species marine fishes.

Living Fossil
Pleased to present an exhibition of marine life creatures, whose ancestors first appeared on our planet millions of years ago. Their ancestors have defied the ravages of time and the environmental upheavals that drove other species to extinction. Such as Nautilus, horseshoe crab, Paddle fish. After the Living Fossil it is follow by walking frogfish, boxfish, seahorse, pipe fish, and jellyfish & etc. exhibit in Fun & Freakish section.

Fish Feeding Frenzy​
Lastly was the sea turtle exhibit in Fish Feeding Frenzy where The Shore Oceanarium cooperate with Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia to educate & create awareness on protection of sea turtle.

Magic Aquarium
In the interactive zone we equipped the First in the Malaysia “Magical Vacuum Aquarium/MVA Aquarium”.

Cinema 3D (8 in 1)
It taking the learning journey to the next dimension. With 3-D glasses you will able to have “Like Real Vision” of different place, species. Such as you can see the Mangrove Tree in Malacca River, Pahang Rainforest, and Sungai Perak in 3D, fossil stone in 3D & some extinct fish species in 3D light board display. Our awesome 3d movie A Turtle’s Adventure now played in new upgraded Cinema 3D Plus Movie Theater with 8 in 1 Special Effect: Wind Effect, Rain Effect, Lightning, Bubble Effect, Leg, Vibration and Fog Effect.

Augmented Reality Hall
Now where visitor can photo & video shoot underwater AR scene as manta ray, hammer shark , great white & group of marine creature swimming around them which generated by our AR computer system in our Augmented Reality Hall

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka promotions

Gunabalan's Thoughts on a Free Friday

Gunabalan's Thoughts: 

We’re in the middle of a complete sea change in terms of technology transforming how we access data and process information to make business decisions…

Now days, everyone has access to every piece of data they care about in the palm of their hand; which I think will not only change the speed of the industry, but also help the individual react to things, and this can alter the analysis of how we buy and sell as well.

Data mining and targeting through Google and other search engines has become much easier over the past several years, with terabytes of data now available.

Quick Question; What do real estate brokers, insurance/ brokerage clerks and telemarketers have in common?
Answer: Their industry is gonna see a tsunami of change soon.

When it comes to the real estate industry, not much has changed in the past 50 years.   Real Estate purchases especially for commercial usage such as office space and warehousing still is very high compared to other business expenses.

But, If you ask any property buyer, residential or commercial, "would you like to avoid paying commission on your purchase?" -- the answer will be a resounding yes. The reason people still pay the commission and hire a real estate agent isn't because they want to hire one, it's because they're afraid that something will go horribly wrong if they don't.

Today, with the speed artificial intelligence has been advancing  recently, it's poised to replace sales agents within the next ten or twenty years. I predict that any company that can simplify the real estate purchasing process and help buyers handle the paperwork themselves(with or without AI) will cause massive disruption in real estate.  My take is that any Businesses that can (work) -produce an app/  block chain system to reduce those  commissions paid out; will see major success in the years to come.

For Instance, they will need to :
  • Improve property search process (already available)
  • Expedite pre-lease due diligence ( Ai is already available for this purpose)
  • Ease leasing and subsequent property and cash flow management (This is still open for new entrants )

I forsee the adoption of block chain systems in CRE (commercial real estates) to be already on the minds of many a CEO in Development and REIT companies in their effort to rationalise staff costs.

The same goes for Land Titles, Filing and other back room administrative work the government usually handles. Block chain tech will soon be utilized to ensure manual filings and departmental procedures are a thing of the past.

Change is Coming...whether we are ready or not.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Industrial Revolution 4.0 age is here whether we Ready or Not.

Sunday Food for Thought:
I just returned from a view that provided a glaring perspective of how the future would be for Malaysians soon.

It is a fact our country is blessed with an unending opportunities and creation of income ability...if we so wish to go grab it.

There is a major shift amongst the GLC Presidents and CEOs how business ( and work) is perceived and earned nowdays.

Fact No 2 : There is an increased pace in continuous effort to do structural Reform by the administrative leaders since last 4 years. It started with the Customs Reforming their Sistem Maklumat Kastam (SMK) in the 80s and is still proceeding . MYeg is proof of an effort towards that. (all it lacked actually was to be linked to  revenue management system.).

Fact 3: The plan for 2015 - 2025  is to transform the economic landscape towards a logistic-based nation. The Digital Free Trade Zone, KLIA Aeropolis, new sea ports in Linggi Melaka, Kuantan and Johor with rail connectivity would undoubtedly be proof of this change happening and becoming a significant catalyst to the newly favoured logistics industry. With the excellent logistics infrastructure to facilitate trade by 2020, the e-commerce sector is expected to grow up to RM114 billion.

Fact 4 : Our ethnic group has always excelled within the recognised supervisory and management groupings (when given the opportunity). It is high time we motivate ourselves to take the plunge to entrepreneurship. The down stream business activity conforming to logistics, warehousing; security providing; Transporting GOODS......... and to control it all- The AI connected IOT  (Internet of Things) is just starting in this country.

Start  recognising the shift :

We need to recognise the transforming economic landscape towards a logistic-based nation.

It is clear to me the gomen is making preparation in anticipation 30 per cent of current jobs (labor intensive) disappearing going into Industrial Revolution 4.0 age.

Malaysians need to create/ buy talents with the guts and creativity to make bold moves for their future.  Business as usual thinking would only lead to being left behind.


Satu Peninjauan dipagi Ahad:
Saya baru saja kembali dari pandangan yang memberi perspektif yang mendalam mengenai bagaimana masa depan untuk rakyat Malaysia---- tidak lama lagi.

Fakta 1: Yang pertama adalah fakta terbukti bahawa negara kita diberkati dengan peluang yang tidak berkesudahan dan penciptaan keupayaan pendapatan ... jika kita ingin merebutnya.

Hari ini saya dapati terdapat perubahan besar di kalangan Presiden dan CEO GLC bagaimana perniagaan (dan kerja) dilihat dan diperoleh.

Fakta No 2: Terdapat peningkatan dalam upaya berterusan untuk melakukan Reformasi Struktur oleh para pemimpin pentadbiran kita sejak 4 tahun lalu. Ia sebenarnya bermula dengan  Reformasi Sistem Maklumat Kastam (SMK) pada tahun 80-an dan ianya masih diteruskan. MYeg adalah bukti usaha ke arah itu. ( masaalah nya cuma ianya tidak dikaitkan dengan sistem pengurusan pendapatan kastam dan immigrasi.)

Fakta 3: Rancangan untuk 2015 - 2025 adalah untuk mengubah landskap ekonomi ke arah negara berasaskan logistik.
Zon Perdagangan Bebas Digital, KLIA Aeropolis, pelabuhan laut baru di Linggi Melaka, Kuantan dan Johor dengan sambungan rel tidak dapat dinafikan menjadi bukti perubahan ini akan berlaku dan menjadi pemangkin penting kepada industri logistik yang baru.

Dengan infrastruktur logistik yang sangat baik untuk memudahkan perdagangan pada 2020, sektor e-dagang dijangka meningkat kepada RM114 bilion.

Fakta 4: Kelompok kita sentiasa unggul dalam kumpulan penyeliaan dan pengurusan yang diiktiraf (apabila diberi peluang). Sudah tiba masanya kita memotivasi diri kita untuk mengambil risiko keusahawanan. Aktiviti perniagaan aliran bawah untuk mematuhi logistik, pergudangan; penyediaan keselamatan; Mengangkut GOODS dan untuk mengawal semuanya - AI yang berkaitan dengan IOT baru bermula di negara ini.

Kita harus mula mengenali peralihan ini:
Kita perlu mengenali landskap ekonomi yang berubah-ubah ke arah penjanaan ekonomi negara berasaskan logistik. Adalah jelas kepada saya bahawa gomen sedang membuat persediaan dengan jangkaan 30 peratus daripada pekerjaan semasa (intensif buruh)  akan hilang dalam Revolusi Industri 4.0 yang kini menyelubungi kita. Rakyat Malaysia perlu membuat / membeli bakat dengan keberanian dan kreativiti untuk membuat langkah berani demi masa depan mereka.

Perniagaan dek pemikiran biasa hanya akan menyebabkan kita tertinggal arus zaman.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Menara Taming Sari Disember Attraction

Pantai Hospital Melaka (Melaka Youth String Orchestra)

Shah Beach Resort, Melaka Christmas Eve ByThe Beach promo

Hard Rock Cafe ,Melaka

Wish card from Hotel Equatorial Melaka

Inviting all MTA members to sincerely adopt a wish card from Hotel Equatorial Melaka.  

The wish cards are from Montfort Boys Home and Hanukah Children's Home. 

 For enquiries please call 06 282 8333,  ext 3311 (Grace).  Let us make these children's wish come true this year.  

Thank You.

Bistro 1673 Christmas & New Year Promo

RC Hotel Melaka Christmas Promo

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

MTA Members Familiarisation Trip To Sungai Melaka courtesy of Sungai CEO Nazary

MTA Familiarisation Trip to Sungai Melaka courtesy of CEO Nazary

MTA/Perbadanan Pembangunan Sungai dan Pantai Melaka Familiarisation Programme

The MTA Fam programme is organised with the support from our members, friends and supporters. Initiated by Perbadanan Sungai Melaka CEO Nazary, it is part of MTA's promotional strategy to create greater awareness of Melaka tourism products and tourist destination magnet amongst our members.

Its main objective is to offer participating member a personal experience of the myriad attractions, tourist destinations, and products and services in Melaka within our membership roll;  in order to help develop tour packages and generate publicity on the available members tourism products as a preferred destination for leisure and business.

As a result of the MTA Fam Programme, we received positive  feed back and likes from the 40 pax of our participating members who took the time and effort to join us.

Many Thanks is also given to Perbadanan Pembangunan Sungai dan Pantai Melaka for the Dinner Treat in Restoran Melayu Melaka that followed our excursion.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

MTA Sept 2017 Committee Meeting

                             MTA Sept 2017 Committee Meeting

[19:41, 9/19/2017]  
Meeting Summary From Madelina Kuah: 
Tqvm Tn Hj Moidu for hosting the meeting venue for MTA meeting today  ... .
tqvm to all exco who attended , zahir n celine too        
 Discussions centred on:
1. TN50 session with Jeffri -Tourism Malaysia attended by CM
2. Sungai Melaka FAM Boat trip change to 26th Sept 17.
3. Anugerah Pelancongan Malaysia nomination for members of MTA
4. Departure of YeeVvonne from Pantai Hosp as Secretary and to co opt  Zahir  from Mahkota Properties n Dato KRT from EQ hotel into committee.

Follow up Duties :
Guna , Nazary, Zahir,Sazali
E digital platform for A& P

Krt,Agnes,Celine, Latifah
Car boot sales

Potential members

5 new members visit 
Guna, Moidu, Nazaly,Mk,Zahir
ak arbaar

Guna n Ms Cheong to work on inclusion of success story in next MTA newsletter due in NOV 2017
To give focus to :Dato Marco (Bayou Lagoon), Mr Chiew (The Shore) & posm,quasude,courtyard,swiss garden 

bowling, trade nite ... will be handled by Madelina

aApologies  from menara taming sari, seri msia, mmc, datuk seet tiang chye,....

Foto Bp好康.

It's happening NOW
Explore lots of Taiwanese Street food from thursday till Sunday, 
3pm till 11pm only in 
Mahkota Parade!

 Don't miss it!
Date : 21st September – 24th September 2017
Duration : 4 days
Time : 3pm – 11pm

Foto Bp好康.

Foto Bp好康.

Foto Bp好康.

Foto Bp好康.

Foto Bp好康.

Foto Bp好康.

Foto Bp好康.

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